Fresh Flowers Every Week

No imported flowers. We grow every stem. Enjoy an elegant bouquet featuring Oriental lilies, a contemporary bouquet, or a mixed bouquet of wilder flowers. Cut at the perfect time, placed immediately in water, cooled, and arranged in bouquets.

Our flowers are never exposed to ethylene, a gas given off by ripening vegetables, which causes flowers to drop their petals. We have dedicated coolers and trailers, for flowers, and for veggies. During deliveries, veggies are in the trailer; flowers are in the pickup truck. No ethylene exposure. Period.

Value will be high; freshness, vase life, and quality unmatched. Enjoy unique flowers seldom found at florists.

Flowers Bi-weekly

If Co-op or Look’s is your pick-up location, flowers will match the bi-weekly veggie schedule. Bi-weekly flowers picking up at Market will be provided with a punch card. You can choose your flowers whenever you need them.

Summer in Bloom:

Summer’s joyful overabundance of flowers is passed on to you! The best six weeks of summer.