Alissa’s Flower Farm delivers unique fresh flowers to event designers and florist in Northwest Iowa and Southeast SD.   We also proivde next day shipping services to all of Iowa, Eastern South Dakota, Eastern Nebraska, and Southern Minnestoa.  For shipping inquires outside of this area please call 605-214-7849.  Shipping and packaging fees are added once the package has shipped.


To get set up with us and receive wholesale pricing, we will need your state tax id on file. Once you are signed up with us as a customer, you will also be added to our weekly availability list that goes out via email on Thursday afternoons. This newsletter provides more details, colors, and pricing of flowers that will be available for the following week. We want to make our flowers more available to you, so we've laid out how our ordering system works below. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to email us.

Note that these prices and availability are subject to change due to the nature of the business.

How to order from Alissa’s Flower Farm if you are on our weekly delivery route (on Tuesdays to Sioux Falls, SD and Surrounding area):

1. You can always respond to the weekly availability newsletter sent out.

2. If we have not heard from you or we have extra to sell, we will call on Mondays to let you know what else is available.

**Please have orders in by Monday AM for Tuesday delivery so we can properly plan harvest.** 

How to preorder for events or future needs:

If you are preordering for future, please send the order via email. If you need help distinguishing colors or need suggestions to fit in with your bride's style, feel free to send your color palette or inspiration photos and we can help you with your order. We will take your order and then check in with you two weeks out to confirm quantities and availability. We have lots of beautiful options and some funky stuff that doesn't make it onto the regular weekly list, so ask us if you are looking for something interesting and unique.