Design it Yourself

Alissa’s Flower Farm’s wedding design studio is located on our working farm. We welcome brides who are looking for fresh flowers but want to make their own handcrafted bouquets. If you are opting for Design It Yourself for budgeting reasons or because you are the type to create special touches yourself, Alissa’s Flower Farm can accommodate. Combine a bulk floral order with a la carte designs if you’d like to do some designing yourself, but want a professional touch on bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages.

We provide buckets of flowers for wedding and events which contain a mixture of line, greenery, and focal flowers, all in bunches of ten. Contact me so I can tell you more about what’s seasonally available, and how to price your event.

Please note that no specific flowers are guaranteed unless you make special arrangements, as availability is always subject to Mother Nature’s whims.

For the best results, if you are considering bulk flowers for a wedding, you should be flexible with your vision. We have many happy brides who begin with a “wildflower” vibe and then choose what they like from what is currently blooming on the farm.

It’s important to also note that with bulk flowers, you’ll be responsible for choosing the types and number of flowers you need. Alissa’s Flower Farm does not provide that service, but simply offers you a selection of beautiful, seasonal, and locally grown flowers.

Due to time constraints, I will gladly walk you through your order online or on the phone. If you feel like you need an in-person meeting, we can arrange that for an additional fee.

We look forward to working with you!