Wreaths and Dried Botanicals

Many of the flowers we grow also dry well.  We have several systems in place to preserve our lush flowers; dehydration by hanging, silica sand beds, a giant flower press, and vats of glycerin.  Each flower preforms differently.  We also preserve grasses, seeds, pods, cattails, and other plants.   

After each item is thoroughly dry, we carefully store these treasures for crafting fall, winter, and spring wreaths, everlasting arrangements and artistic resin pieces.    

Each wreath is handmade; no two are exactly the same.  These magnificent wreaths will deliver joy and cheer to any lucky recipient.  Displayed indoors, our wreaths will last forever.  Outdoor life depends on weather and sun exposure; one to two seasons.  

Christmas wreaths are crafted with fresh evergreens.

Dried botanical wreaths can be shipped.  Expect a small amount of natural shedding during shipping.  

“My evergreen wreath is still beautiful!  Some of the greens have turned brown but they actually highlight my door even more.  I’m ready for spring and spring colors; yet still enjoying this winter wreath so much.  Thank you.”  Angela H.

Pick Up and Delivery Notes:

Sioux Falls pickups will be at Looks Marketplace Tuesday afternoons.
Local farm pickups are available Mon-Fri
Choose "Sioux Falls deliveries" for delivery to Inwood, Larchwood, Harrisburg, and Canton.
Choose "Hull area" for delivery to Rock Valley, Sioux Center, Boyden and Doon.

Nationwide shipping is available on all Arrangements, DIY kits, and Select Wreaths.