Fresh Flower Bouquets

If a picture is worth a thousand words, can you comprehend how many words a flower bouquet must be worth?

Flowers can say so much, so much more than we can say, and flowers speak in such a beautiful way. 

Here at Alissa’s Flowers, we will help you speak your heart language.  

During spring, summer, and fall, Alissa will arrange the flowers she grows on her farm into a beautiful bouquet, heart-felt, a bouquet more than words can say.

In winter, Alissa will source flowers from around the world to keep your love language alive.

Order Alissa’s individually designed, hand-wrapped bouquets here on her shopping cart.  Options include choice of delivery, size, and color.  

Need something REALLY special?  Call Alissa at 605-214-7849.

Enjoy your day and speak the language of flowers!  Often.

Find our Flowers

Want to see Alissa’s Flowers is all their glory?  A full display?  Ready-made bouquets?  Unique pairings of sunflowers and dahlias?  Lisianthus by the bucket-fulls?  Old-fashioned, again in-vogue zinnias?  Our newest discovery….Rose lilies?  Elegantly fragrant Oriental lilies?

Come visit Alissa at Falls Park Farmers Market.  She puts all her flowers on display every Saturday, May- Oct.

Gift yourself and your best friend, Mother, or sister with Alissa’s Flowers.  Choose your favorites every week.  Or choose something new every week.

Not able to make it to market on Saturday?  Order a special bouquet for delivery online or by calling 605-214-7849.  Also find a selection of Alissa’s soul lifting flowers are also offered at the following stores:

Year Round

  • Look’s Meat Market
  • Farm Store

May - Oct

  • Falls Park Farmers Market (Saturday)