4 Spring Wreaths in 3 Designs


After the doldrums of winter …  We need something fresh for our door and any drab wall.

Teal Sunshine:  A beautiful color-popping wreath created to announce our thrill that Spring has arrived!
Teal-dyed eucalyptus sets off the yellow Sunflowers, while white is provided by the Dusty Miller, Statice, and a wispy plume. Attraxa pennycress, Reed grass, and preserved Roses provide the cream colors. Three shades of white, three shades of cream, set off by the teal and perfected with bright yellow.
“Ah, Spring! You are our favorite time of year!”

Spring Blushes:  Does Spring ever blush? Well, she should! She makes so many promises and seems to change her mind a thousand times.  Our Spring Blushes wreath is just that … lots of blush from soft pink Celosia, New Mexican amaranth, creamy Marigolds and preserved roses, a background of soft green oats and beige Attraxa pennycress, finished with a few raindrops of white Ammobium. Beautiful. And blushy.

Purple Giggles:  Our soft-pink & orange all-around wreath has lots of color and lots of Purple Giggles.
A backdrop of green Oats, creamy Reed grass, topped with soft-pink comb Celosia, orange Marigolds, and Purple Statice, highlighted with a spattering of white Ammobium. Your door looks SO good!

Hot Pink Oranges:  Pink and orange is always a winning color combination, lifting spirits and welcoming Spring!  Based on green Oats, creamy Reed grass, orange Marigolds, orange Gomphrena, hot pink Celosia, with tiny bits of white Statice to highlight it all.

Choose your favorite shape: All around, Crescent, or Horse Shoe

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