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Hybrids in Color: (All three Chef’s Choice varieties won ALL AMERICA SELECTIONS.)

65 days – Chef’s Choice Black: Tremendous yield potential. Many of you have come to love the Chef’s Choice tomato series. The latest entry in the class is called Chef’s Choice Black, a beefsteak type tomato with a dark green, brown, and black hues. The scarlet flesh is juicy and sweet. The disease resistant plants can produce 30 or more 8-10 ounce fruit on each plant, under good growing conditions. Winner of the  All America Selections award, with a good disease package and with good crack tolerance. Requires staking.  Indeterminate.  Tomato Growers.

70 days – Vivacious: NEW.  Luminous orange-scarlet fruits are bursting with beta-carotene!  Introducing a super-fruit breakthrough traditionally bred by Burpee. Luminous orange-scarlet fruits burst with perfectly balanced flavor and high beta-carotene levels amounting to 40% of recommended daily intake of vitamin A in one tomato. Oval-shaped, 2½-3″ tomatoes taste meaty yet juicy with just the right combination of sweetness and acidity. Delicious and nutritious: vitamin A promotes eye health and glowing skin. Energize your garden with an unstoppable supply per plant of 70 bright, beautiful fruits for both fresh eating and cooking. Burpee.

75 days – Chef’s Choice Orange:  Originated from heirloom Amana Orange. When it comes to a beefsteak for slicing, saucing, and soup-ing, ‘Chef’s Choice Orange’ is your best bet. Combining the perfect balance of rich, heirloom flavor and function, bright orange 9-12 oz. fruits keep their radiant tangerine tones, fresh or cooked. As adaptable in the garden as it is in the kitchen, ‘Chef’s Choice Orange’ more than merits the All-America Selections award for 2015. This hybrid-heirloom, adapted from the tasty but late ‘Amana Orange’ will quickly be a favorite to sink your teeth into. Each 5-6’ plant yields up two dozen fruits over the season. Disease-resistant plants resist cracking, as well. Indeterminate. Burpee

75-80 days – Darkstar:  NEW.  Out-of-this-world savory-sweet taste and dark-purple color, ‘Darkstar’ is a colorful new star in the tomato universe.  With out-of-this-world sweet-sour taste, deep-purple ‘DarkStar’ is a colorful addition to the tomato universe. With subtle painterly color, this beautiful ‘mater features a constellation of down-to earth qualities. Growing on 5–7 vines, high-yielding ‘DarkStar’ produces oodles of 5–8 oz. fruits. Resists blight and has fewer blemishes than similar heirlooms.  Burpee.

90 days – Chef’s Choice Green: Green when ripe, tomatoes have yellow streaks, wonderful, sweet, citrus-like flavor. Pick while still slightly firm.  2016 AAS WINNER! Tangy sweet flavor and unconventional, attractive green fruits. Joining the ranks of the ‘Chef’s Choice’ hybrid tomatoes is this unusually colored, bright yellow-green variety. This award-winning tomato has all the flavor and wonderful texture of its orange and pink counterparts, but also offers an interesting treat for the eyes! Impress your friends with this one-of-a-kind color and flavor sensation that is sure to become a staple in all your favorite dishes. Flattened globe-shaped fruits are 6-7 inches in diameter and weigh about 9 to 10 ounces. Indeterminate. Tomato Growers.

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