Total Immersion Tulip Subscription

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Tulip season marks the official beginning of spring on our farm.  We harvest thousands of beautiful tulips, Darwin hybrids with extra large blooms to ruffled Doubles and crinkly-petaled Parrots.

Subscriptions will be available for six weeks starting April 16  be and delivered each Tuesday.

Each bundle will contain approximately 12 – 15  stems of premium tulips in mixed varieties.  Flower food will be included.

For longest life, keep in a cool room, out of direct sunlight.  Allow flowers to drink flower food water for the first two days and then change the water daily.  Stems can be recut with every water change.

Contactless home delivery available on request.

-Sioux Falls and Surrounding areas, plus $8
-Hull, IA and surrounding areas, plus $5

Notes:  The photo of the orange parrot tulips makes my heart sing!  If I were a painter, it would be my first subject…Grandma’s Deft blue vase and Alissa’s tulips.  Perfect!

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