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Pepper Plants – Sweet


Sweet Peppers:  All are bell peppers except Sweet Banana.  This is the selection of peppers we grew on our farm for FPFM.  Hybrid unless noted.

California Wonder: 75 days green. Reliable.  Green, ripening to red.  Thick-walled, medium sized, a nice stuffer.  Open pollinated.

Flavorburst:  67 days lime green; 87 days yellow ripe.  Excellent, sweet flavor.  Medium-large.

Gourmet:  65 days green; 85 days orange ripe.  Thick, juicy walls and juicy-sweet flavor.  Medium-large

Islander:  56 days lavender; 81 days red ripe.  Thick yellow flesh, mild, slightly sweet taste.

King Crimson: 57 days green; 65 days red. Slightly earlier than King of the North with superior quality. Prolific. Open pollinated.

King of the North:  60 days green; 72 days red.  Known for its ability to produce good sized peppers in short, cool seasons.  Open pollinated.

Madonna:  75 days green; 85 days lemon yellow.  Thick juicy walls. High yield potential. Good leaf cover.

Milena: 65 days green; 83 days orange.  Bright orange, thick walls.  Solid fruit set, even under hot conditions.

Sweet Banana:  63 days yellow; 83 days ripe red.  8-9″ long fruit, mild when yellow and moderately sweet when they ripen red.  For pickling or fresh eating.




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Sweet Pepper Varieties

California Wonder, Flavorburst, Gourmet, Islander, King Crimson, King on the North, Madonna, Milena, Olympus, Sweet Banana, Sweet Chocolate