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Sweet Peppers:  All are bell peppers except Leysa.  Hybrid unless noted.  Plants will be ready May 6; protect from frost.

California Wonder: 75 days green. Reliable.  Green, ripening to red.  Thick-walled, medium sized, a nice stuffer.  Open pollinated.

Flavorburst:  67 days lime green; 87 days yellow ripe.  Excellent, sweet flavor.  Medium-large.

Gourmet:  65 days green; 85 days orange ripe.  Thick, juicy walls and juicy-sweet flavor.  Medium-large

Islander:  56 days lavender; 81 days red ripe.  Thick yellow flesh, mild, slightly sweet taste.

Lesya:  NEW. Heirloom.  The sweetest of all peppers with very thick flesh.  A total crowd pleaser. Unique pointed heart-shaped fruit ripens to a deep red and has intensely juicy texture.  Plants are stocky and high yielding. Superior flavor and texture. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Olympus:  65 days green; 85 days red ripe. Good yields of large, flavorful bell peppers.

Red Knight:  NEW.  57 days green; 77 days red ripe.  Big, blocky fruits are early to turn red. Strong disease resistance and a compact, open plant. Flavor is fruity and sweet. Widely adapted.

Snowball:  65 days white; 85 days ripe golden yellow. Medium-sized peppers mature from ivory to yellow to golden yellow.  Favor is mild when ivory, and sweet and fruity when golden.

Sweet Sunrise:  65 days green; 85 days yellow ripe. Medium-large fruits, flavor is both fruity and sweet. Yields well and ripens early.

Mini Bell Peppers:
Mini  Yellow:  NEW.  55 days green; 75 days ripe golden yellow. Snack size peppers, 2″ x 1 3/4″ with sweet and slightly fruity flavor.  Perfect partner to Mini Red.  The large, sturdy, and leafy plants protect the fruits from sunscald.
Mini Red:  NEW.  55 days green; 75 days red..  Early miniature bell peppers, with very sweet flavor.  Harvest when fully red.  Eat whole or cut into salads.  Large, well-branched plants protect the fruits from sunscald.




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Sweet Pepper Varieties

California Wonder, Flavorburst, Gourmet, Islander, Leysa, Olympus, Red Knight, Red Mini Belle, Snowball, Sweet Sunrise, Yellow Mini Belle