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Pepper Plants – Sweet


Sweet Peppers:  All are bell peppers except Sweet Banana and Leysa.  Hybrid unless noted.  Plants will be ready May 1st.  Protect from frost.

California Wonder: 75 days green. Reliable.  Green, ripening to red.  Thick-walled, medium sized, a nice stuffer.  Open pollinated.

Flavorburst:  67 days lime green; 87 days yellow ripe.  Excellent, sweet flavor.  Medium-large.

Gourmet:  65 days green; 85 days orange ripe.  Thick, juicy walls and juicy-sweet flavor.  Medium-large

Islander:  56 days lavender; 81 days red ripe.  Thick yellow flesh, mild, slightly sweet taste.

King Crimson: 57 days green; 65 days red. Slightly earlier than King of the North with superior quality. Prolific. Open pollinated.

Lesya:  NEW. Heirloom.  The sweetest of all peppers with very thick flesh.  A total crowd pleaser. Unique pointed heart-shaped fruit ripens to a deep red and has intensely juicy texture.  Plants are stocky and high yielding. Superior flavor and texture. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds – Sold out

Madonna:  75 days green; 85 days lemon yellow.  Thick juicy walls. High yield potential. Good leaf cover.

Mini Bell Mix: NEW. Heirloom. This colorful mix of dainty bell peppers is an old Ohio family heirloom.  This trio of mini red, yellow, and chocolate bell peppers was introduced to the Seed Savers Exchange by member Lucina Cress.  Lucina received the seeds from an elderly woman and began to grow them out.  The 2-inch mini bell peppers became locally famous, as Lucian would sell hundreds of jars of cabbage-stuffed picked peppers at her local church bazaar each year.  Great for snacking, stuffing or pickling.  Plants produce an abundance of tiny colorful orbs, easy to grow and so delicious.  Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Sweet Banana:  63 days yellow; 83 days ripe red.  8-9″ long fruit, mild when yellow and moderately sweet when they ripen red.  For pickling or fresh eating.





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Sweet Pepper Varieties

California Wonder, Flavorburst, Gourmet, Islander, King Crimson, Leysa, Madonna, Mini Sweet Bells, Olympus, Sweet Banana