Isabel/Caitlyns Joy (3 tubers or bulk)


Every farm has one of those days!  We had ours when we mixed up some of the tuber stock of Isabel and Caitlyns Joy.   Both are beautiful amazing flowers as well as tuber producers.  We cannot guarantee which variety.


3-4” iridescent-like blooms in a rosy lavender with highlights of coral.  You won’t believe your eyes!  Ask Google Images for a photo.

Isabel is very similar to Cornel Bronze and Ivanetti in growth habit and tuber production.

Our Isabel was grown outdoors in steamed soil.

Caitlyn’s Joy:

Perfectly exhibits the precise geometry that makes ball-form Dahlias so compelling. Because it produces long, straight stems it’s an excellent choice for cutting and is as charming in the vase as in the garden. A strong grower in a rich, cheerful color that both stands out in the garden and complements just about any neighborhood.  Neat flowers of mauve-rose, warmed by the merest hint of apricot on the petal edges.

A rich, cheerful rose color, with the merest hint of apricot on the petal tips.  A strong grower with long straight stems.  Ball form blossom.




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