Pepper Plants – Hot & Spicy, Two NOT Spicy


Hot Pepper plants in 4″ Root-maker pots.  Lots of root tips, ready to explode and GROW!  Plants will be ready May 7.  Protect from frost.

Anaheim: Large, thick-walled fruits, suitable for stuffing and frying.

Ancho/Poblano: Known as a poblano when green, as an ancho when dried.  Easy to stuff for chili rellenos.

Cayenne:  Tremendous flavor on first bite, with warm heat that lingers.   Thick enough for a bit of crunch when eaten fresh, but thin enough to dry easily.

Garden Salsa: Medium hot, perfect for Mexican salsas.  Fruits are 8″ long by 1″ across.  Usually picked green for salsa, ripening to red.

Habanero Helios:  NEW! Extra-early hybrid habanero. Orange fruits are very hot. Much earlier, higher yielding, and with bigger fruits than the standard OP habanero. Good yield potential, even in northern and short-season regions.

Habanero Roulette:  NEW!  Beautiful bright red fruits with no heat.  Roulette imparts a sweet, floral flavor without the traditional fire expected from an habanero.

Hot Banana: Spicy, fairly hot.  Matures from light yellow to bright red.  Ever-bearing.  Open pollinated.

Jalapeno:  High yielding.  Large fruits are slow to check (small cracks in skin).  A long harvest season.

Nadapeno:  NEW!  Love the flavor and crunch of jalapeño, but can’t take the heat? This truly heatless jalapeño is perfect for those with sensitivity or aversion to the heat of traditional jalapeño peppers. Great for pickling, stuffing, poppers and salsa. This variety is very early and prolific! Baker Creek.

Sugar Rush Peach:  NEW. Amazing Sugar-Sweet Flavor and Some Fire Too!  A sumptuous snacking pepper. The long, peach colored fruits are packed with loads of super sweet, tropical flavor, and the seeds bring a smokey, complex heat that when used together, creates a wild flavor experience.  Super early, high yields of exquisite, sweet hot peppers.  Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Time Bomb:  NEW!  Hot cherry peppers start out dark green but turn to bright red when they are ready for harvest.  With a Scoville rating just above 1,000, these cherry peppers pack a pleasant heat and can be enjoyed as pickled peppers or as appetizers stuffed with cheese.  Very popular.

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Hot Pepper Varieties

Anaheim, Ancho/Poblano, Cayenne, Fresno Flaming Flare, Garden Salsa, Habanero Helios, Habanero Roulette, Hot Banana, Jalapeno, Nadapeno, Sugar Rush Peach, Time Bomb