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Pepper Plants – Hot & Spicy

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Hot Pepper plants in 4″ Root-maker pots.  Lots of root tips, ready to explode and GROW!

Anaheim: Large, thick-walled fruits, suitable for stuffing and frying.

Ancho/Poblano: Known as a poblano when green, as an ancho when dried.  Easy to stuff for chili rellenos.

Cayenne:  Tremendous flavor on first bite, with warm heat that lingers.   Thick enough for a bit of crunch when eaten fresh, but thin enough to dry easily.

Garden Salsa: Medium hot, perfect for Mexican salsas.  Fruits are 8″ long by 1″ across.  Usually picked green for salsa, ripening to red.

Habanero:  Extraordinary heat with fruity, citrus notes.  This extremely pungent habanero may be used fresh or dried.

Hot Banana: Spicy, fairly hot.  Matures from light yellow to bright red.  Ever-bearing.  Open pollinated.

Jalapeno:  High yielding.  Large fruits are slow to check (small cracks in skin).  A long harvest season.

Serrano:  The dark green fruits are traditionally eaten green but also make fine chipotles if allowed to ripen to red.  High-yielding.



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Hot Pepper Varieties

Anaheim, Ancho, Cayenne, Garden Salsa, Habanero, Hot Banana, Jalapeno, Seranno, Time Bomb