Basil Plants. Great selection!


Basil plants in 4″ Rootmaker pots.  Ready to be transplanted into your garden and your large pots.  Plants will be ready May 6.  Basil is very tender and will turn black in temperatures below 45 degrees.  (Hint:  Your refrigerator is too cold.)

Basil is considered the premier culinary herb with a marvelous variety of flavors to choose from.  Bushy basil plants look great in the flower garden too!

Amethyst: The only purple Genovese type basil.  Large 2-3″ leaves. This stunning basil is nearly black in color.

Genovese: Classic Italian variety. Extremely tender, fragrant, extra-large leaves. Authentic flavor; famous for making pesto.

Italian Large Leaf: Large leaves and plant. Sweet scent and flavor; a bit more mellow than Genovese.  Great production.

Lemon: Sweet and tangy, attractive and intensely flavorful.

Pistou: Our smallest Greek basil. Sweet and spicy; pinch tiny leaves as needed.

Red Rubin: Dark purple Italian large-leaf type. High yields and great flavor.

Sweet Thai Towers: Authentic Thai basil flavor, spicy anise-clove flavor.

Tulsi:  Mild spicy aroma with hints of sweetness.  Purple flowers make it a nice ornamental. For teas, culinary, and medicinal use.  (Note:  This is the most sensual basil of them all!  The aroma is over the top.  Even after I killed my bushy pot by lack of water, it smelled so heavenly that I couldn’t throw it out.  Harriet)





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Basil Varieties

Amethyst – Red Genovese, Genovese, Genovese Compact, Italian Large Leaf, Lemon, Pistou, Red Rubin – Red Italian Large Leaf, Sweet Thai Towers, Tulsi