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Tomato Plants – Heirlooms Red & Pink


Heirloom tomatoes have more complex, old-fashioned flavors than hybrids. Usually less acidic, more of the mystical flavors you remember from your childhood.  Indeterminate.  4″ Rootmaker pots. Plants will be ready May 1st.  Protect from frost.

Note: Seeds can be saved from open-pollinated and heirloom tomatoes.  Tomatoes are inbreeding plants with self-fertilization usually occurring before flowers have opened. Therefore, you can grow several varieties next to each other and still have a pure seed stock.

Brandywine: 78 days. One of the best tasting tomatoes.  Brandywine’s luscious flavor is described as ‘very rich, loud, and distinctively spicy’. Large 1 lb fruits with deep pink skin and smooth red flesh. The rage and demand for heirloom tomatoes began with Brandywine. Potato-leaf. Indeterminate.

Cosmonaut Volkov: 69 days.  8-12 oz.  An early red Ukrainian tomato with sweet, rich,  full-bodied flavor. Wins every taste competition with its rich complex flavor.

Italian Heirloom: 85 days. A wonderful dual-purpose tomato; great for canning and slicing. Excellent flavor with a great sweet/acid balance. Meaty and core-less with few seeds.  Wispy leaves.  Indeterminate.

Mortgage Lifter: 85 days. Large, smooth, 1-lb. pink fruits have a delicious, rich, sweet taste. Developed by M.C. Byles of Logan, West Virginia. After crossing varieties for 6 years and selecting the best, he introduced this beauty in the 1940’s, after he sold plants for $1 each and paid off the $6000 mortgage on his house. Indeterminate.

Moskvich: 60 days. High-quality, early-season, red heirloom that rivals hybrids. Fruits are deep red and have luscious, rich flavor. Great eaten fresh or processed. Like all Russian tomatoes, it can stand up to cool conditions.  Indeterminate.

Nepal: 78 days. So named because the seed is originally from the Himalaya Mountains. Large, 10-12 oz, deep red fruits are rather soft but meaty with plenty of old-fashioned tomato flavor. Indeterminate.






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Heirloom Varieties

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