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Tomato Plants – Heirlooms in Green, Orange, White, & Yellow


Heirloom tomatoes in a variety of colors.  Indeterminate.  4″ Rootmaker pots. Plants ready May 1st; protect from frost.

Cherokee Green: 8-12 oz. with a remarkable complex and delicious flavor. Green fleshed fruit blushed with amber at the blossom end.  Another wonderful variation of Cherokee Purple.

Pork Chop: A truly yellow tomato with vibrant golden stripes.  Medium-sized, sweet tomato flavor with hits of citrus.  Wild Boar farmer Brad Gates, says it is the “best yellow I have every had.”

Solar Flair: 6-10 oz, red with gold stripes.  Very meaty, luscious sweet red tomato flavor.  Developed by Brad Gates and selected for flavorand production. “A work horse.”

Striped German: Medium-to-large yellow fruits with red striping. The marbled interior looks beautiful sliced. Complex, fruity flavor and smooth texture.  Medium-tall vines; 12+ oz fruits.

Thoburn’s Terra Cotta: Incredible flavor, color, and history! Introduced in 1893 by James Thoburn of New York, a sensational tomato. Honey-brown skin, orange-pink flesh, and green seed jelly.  An eye-catching slicer with an out-of-this-world flavor. As a cooker, it will yield a pumpkin-orange sauce with a floral aroma.

Valencia: Sunny orange 8-10 oz. fruits with full tomato flavor. Meaty with few seeds; great flavor and texture.  Selected from a Maine family heirloom with a Spanish accent.

White Beauty: Parchment-white tomatoes are extra smooth and beautiful. Renowned for sweet, citrus taste that is richer and more complex than many white types. Perfect for making a delicious white sauce and for eating fresh out of hand. Introduced as early as 1850, a wonderful piece of American history that is just too great to be lost.

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Heirloom Varieties

Cherokee Green, Pork Chop, Solar Flare, Striped German, Terra Cotta, Valencia, White Beauty